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Jelajah Ilmu is a convenient platform for teachers to carry out your daily tasks. Our features are designed to assist you in efficiently planning classroom activities, monitoring student’s online & in-class academic progress, engagements, strengths, and areas for improvement with convenience. By leveraging our tools, as a teacher, you can enhance your teaching practices and ultimately contribute to the academic success of your students.

Jelajah Ilmu is a versatile learning platform with advanced features

Learn Smarter with Jelajah Ilmu


Use Chatrooms to to communicate with the class or individual student, form project groups or focused learning groups which allows for collaborative learning among students.

Test papers

Create self-grading and normal test papers with marking schemes to conduct exams or to give assignments. These Testpapers can be created using the platform’s standard question bank or custom on your own. Additionally, there is a pool of secret questions that can only be accessible only to teachers.

Reports & Statistics

Access reports containing a student’s login history, eBook reading history, attendance, assignment submission, Testpapers attempted or generated and many other platform activity reports.


Plan your classroom activities such as creating online or offline classes, assigning tasks from eBooks and Testpapers. The platform’s ability to set editable deadlines and schedules ensures flexibility for both teachers and students.

Teaching Resources

Seamlessly upload and share teaching resources, such as notes, presentations, PDFs, and other relevant content, to ensure that essential educational resources are readily available to students. You can also share useful teaching resources to fellow teachers.

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