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Jelajah Ilmu helps teachers to create the most effective and effortless online learning experience for their students on our platform. It allows teachers to give and receive assignments as well as create test papers with accurate marking schemes on the platform itself. Teachers can also track every student’s activity and performance enabling them to understand their student’s strengths and weaknesses.

Jelajah Ilmu is a versatile learning platform with advanced features

Learn Smarter with Jelajah Ilmu


Normal assignments and eBook assignments can be given out and collected through the platform itself.


Teachers can create, schedule and conduct online classes which can be recorded and reviewed multiple times by students.

Test papers

Teachers can create self grading and normal test papers with marking schemes to conduct exams or to set assignments. Additionally, there is a pool of secret questions that can only be accessed by teachers.


Teachers can use the chat room to form project groups or focused learning groups which allows for collaborative learning among students

Reports & Statistics

Reports containing a student’s eBook reading history, attendance, assignment submission, test papers attempted or generated and many other activity reports can be accessed by teachers to enable better supervision.

Source of Teaching Materials

Teachers can access additional teaching materials from the platform’s “Global Resources” which helps teachers diversify their teaching resources.

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