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Our highly intuitive feature helps parents to effectively and efficiently track their child’s academic progress and stay connected with their education.
Parents can access their child’s reports including total time spent on the platform, student performance reports, eBook reading history and much more.

You can easily link your child’s account with yours and track their academic progress.

Detailed performance reports allow you to track your child’s strengths and weaknesses.

It is convenient to keep track of school’s activities, sessions and notices through this platform.

Activity on the Platform

Find out how much time a child spends on the platform with their login history, videos watched and eBooks reading history and more.

Activities in Class

Parents can monitor their child’s class performance by checking the number of online classes attended and assignments completed to get an idea of ​​their child’s learning behavior and to better support them.

Student Performance Report

Get Statistical reports on your child’s academic progress and their performance.

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