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A More Interesting, Intuitive and Fun Way of Learning!

A smarter & better way to deliver academics.

Jelajah Ilmu is a versatile learning platform!

It offers a comprehensive educational solution which can be utilized by each and every
individual existing in the educational ecosystem.

Bookmark pages, Write down Notes, Scribble freely and Learn effortlessly!


Prepare better for your examinations with our test papers which allow you to self-assess your performance and practice questions online.

Test Papers

Stay connected and learn collaboratively with your classmates and teachers.

Group Chats

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An easy and quick way to give and receive assignments


Accurately assess your student’s knowledge using our normal or self-grading test papers designed with standard marking schemes

Test Papers

Create focus groups for collaborative learning.

Chat Room

Conduct classes from anywhere, anytime.

Live Sessions

Closely monitor every student’s activity in the platform

Reports & Statistics

Get access to our interactive videos, eTextbooks, eWorkbooks and eTeachersGuides

Teaching resources

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Personalize the platform to align it with the branding of your institution.

School Branding

Conveniently make important announcements to students, teachers or parents.


Get detailed student and teacher activity reports for better decision making.

Reports & Statistics

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Easily link your account with your child’s to supervise their activity.

Link Accounts

Get insights on your child’s performance at school.

Easy Supervision

Stay updated with upcoming school events and announcements.

Notice Board

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Jelajah Ilmu Academy

Education and Training Towards Digital Transformation of Indonesian Education

Jelajah Ilmu Academy is an Acer for Education program that focuses on realizing the digital transformation of education in Indonesia through a digital teaching and learning platform.Through the provision of a digital platform where educators can gain access to various training and learning topics, Jelajah Ilmu is here to help support the government’s efforts to accelerate Indonesia Gold 2045.

Jelajah Ilmu Supporting
Education at MIN Sabang, Aceh

What are they saying?

“Jelajah Ilmu is very comprehensive, helping education stakeholders to connect with each other and improve the learning”

Pascalis Tethool S.S.
Principal Buti Merauke state junior high

“Jelajah Ilmu can provide us with analysis and evaluation so that we can improve continuously.”

Felixtian Teknowijoyo,B.Sc.,M.pd.
Principal of Kalam Kudus Christian Junior High School Surakarta

“By using Jelajah Ilmu, supervising the teaching and learning activities become very easy for me as a school principal.”

Ahmad Fikri Dzulfikar, S.Pd
Principal of SMPAl Rafi’ DrajatBandung

“Jelajah Ilmu is very helpful in face-to-face learning or online learning.”

Sally Febriana, S.E.
Principal of SMP Makarios Jakarta

Get Jelajah Ilmu and begin your journey to excellence!

Get Jelajah Ilmu and begin your journey to excellence!

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