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School Leaders

Principals can get feedback on their school’s overall performance, including students’ online learning activities, test results, teachers’ performance and more. In addition, they can also compare their school’s insights with other similar schools. They can easily generate periodic reports and share them with interested parties.

Our platform offers a complete solution for Online Academic Delivery.

  • Customize the platform for a personalized experience
  • Make Announcements instantly for easy communication with students, teachers and parents.
  • Gain insights into the progress of students and teachers’ activities with just a few clicks.

You can even monitor multiple schools from our platform’s HQ Dashboard!

With our HQ Dashboard’s extensive features, school leaders can efficiently monitor performances of all their schools or educational institutions.

Comparative Statistics helps you to compare between two or more of your schools, classes, subject grades, students and teachers.

Summary Information helps you to get the detailed summary of all your schools.


Since students and teachers have 24×7 access to entertainment across a variety of mediums, shouldn’t they also have the same access to education? Now they can, with Jelajah Ilmu.


100% of the examinable syllabus is covered and delivered in an engaging, interactive manner which focuses on uncovering students’ misconceptions and improving students’ results.


Jelajah Ilmu provides certainty to students and teachers through diagnostic instruments to find out how students understand certain topics.

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