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About Us

mySecondTeacher (, in collaboration with Acer, offers a comprehensive solution for the world of education. Our Learning Management System offers tools and features of international standard adopted by mySecondTeacher in the Indonesian language and curriculum, accessible on the Jelajah Ilmu website (

Our Objective

We aim to transform education with modern learning and teaching approaches with our innovative e-learning app and its convenient features. Both students and teachers can explore knowledge and study online in an effective and fun way.

Our Offerings

Our unique resources like interactive ebooks, Teacher’s Guide, Testpapers, and many other resources make online digital learning effortless and lesson delivery in classrooms more effective.

Usability for Educational Institutions

We provide an overview of the learning behavior and performance of students to teachers, principals and parents which can be applied as a trustable medium to assess the school as well as individual students’ performances.

Jelajah Ilmu is the perfect means to upgrade your overall online and offline academic delivery experience.

Approach Used

Interactive Conversation

The teaching and learning process is carried out as an interaction between teachers and students making information more understandable and relatable.

Comprehensive Reports

Comprehensive reports allow measurement of the overall performance of students in a school, aiding in important academic-related decision making.

Online Presence

Our app for online learning is capable of live discussions and online classes.

Jelajah Ilmu is a versatile learning platform with advanced features

Learn Smarter with Jelajah Ilmu

School Branding

Jelajah Ilmu allows you to customize your academic delivery platform with your school’s logo and motto to give it a personalized feel

Announcements & eConsent forms

Send announcements to teachers, parents, students, classes or the entire school from this platform. School leaders and teachers can also send out eConsent Forms to parents and consolidate the responses automatically.

Overall School’s Statistics

School leaders can access a myriad of information about the performance and activity of teachers and students to get a feel of the academic pulse of their school. This helps in crucial school management decision making.

Interactive eBooks

Teachers and students can access interactive eBooks with advanced features like scribbling, bookmarking pages, note-taking and dictation. Additionally, a Teacher’s Guide is also available for teachers to aid in improving their delivery approach.

Digital Classroom

Teachers can conduct classes and students can attend classes- anytime, anywhere. Sessions can also be recorded and viewed multiple times as per the requirement.


Our platform allows students and teachers to create test papers based on a specific topic, subject, or the entire syllabus. The test papers generated are accompanied with carefully designed marking schemes for accurate evaluation of students.


Teachers and students can form and use chat rooms to facilitate group projects or to enable focus groups for a collaborative learning environment.

Student’s Report & Statistics

Each and every student’s performance report is available on the platform for teachers and school leaders to assess their competency and to make more calculated decisions.

Parent Pupil Platform

Parents can link their account with their child’s account to track all their activities on the platform, the tasks assigned to them and their performance.

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