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Jelajah Ilmu offers a range of features and tools that enable students to excel in their studies by providing interactive learning materials, knowledge assessment tools, and means of staying informed about school-related matters, ultimately helping students to achieve their academic goals.

Jelajah Ilmu – Kini Tanpa Batas

Jelajah Ilmu memungkinkan siswa untuk belajar dari eTextbooks, eWorkbooks, dan video serta mengikuti tes penguasaan dan mendapatkan laporan diagnostik untuk mengetahui kekuatan dan kelemahan siswa, video siaran langsung, ambil bagian dalam kelompok diskusi virtual, menerima dan mengirimkan tugas serta mendapatkan hasil dan penilaian dari guru.

Jelajah Ilmu is a versatile learning platform with advanced features

Learn Smarter with Jelajah Ilmu


Attend online or offline sessions scheduled by your teachers or complete the assignments from eBooks and Testpapers. The platform has the ability to set deadlines and schedule tasks to ensure flexibility for both students and teachers.


Students can self-generate and practice from Self-grading Testpapers and Normal Testpapers with accurate marking schemes and prepare well for the examinations.

Learning Resources

Our eBooks are interactive and engaging with features like scribbling, note taking, bookmarking and dictation making learning fun and effective. Students can also find additional learning resources shared by the teachers like videos, PDFs and presentation slides.


Use Chatrooms to communicate with the teachers or classmates to exchange ideas regarding your coursework, form project groups or to discuss problems in your lessons.

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