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School Leaders

With the myriad of data provided by Jelajah Ilmu, your school has the potential to elevate itself to the ranks of leading smart schools in Indonesia. You can make well-informed decisions that will propel your School toward success.

Our platform offers a complete solution for Online Academic Delivery:

  • Customise the platform for a personalised experience.
  • Make Announcements instantly for easy communication with students, their parents, and teachers.
  • Gain overall insights into the progress of students’ and teachers’ activities in just a few clicks.

Monitor multiple schools using the HQ Dashboard

With our HQ Dashboard’s extensive features, school leaders can efficiently monitor performances of each school or educational institution under their supervision, all within a single dashboard.

Comparative Statistics helps you to compare between two or more of your schools, classes, subject grades, students and teachers.

Summary Information helps you to get the detailed summary of all your schools.

School Branding

Display your school’s uniqueness by branding the platform with your school’s logo and motto and stand out from other schools.

Teachers’ and Students’ Activities

Gain detailed platform activity reports of individual teachers and students, or the entire classroom. With all the available performance data, accurately evaluate the competency and make more informed decisions.

Notices & Announcements

Send important notices and announcements to entire students, teachers or parents. You can also generate and circulate eConsent forms to get feedback or survey regarding specific topics.

School Report

Gain insights of your school’s performance, including students’ online learning activities, test results, and as well as teacher’s performance. You can also compare insights of schools under your supervision, generate periodic reports and share them with the school stakeholders.

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